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[ahr-kon] -noun Origin: 1650-60 . . . to be first

Why Linux?

    • Highly utilized, real-time performance

    • Reduction in IT management

    • Cost effective data center

    • Minimized complexity

open source linux technology for temporary personnel staffing services

Proprietary systems don't offer the end user the best solution available. What they do offer is the provider a guarantee that they will get paid through every step of licensing the solution. This is why proprietary Microsoft based solutions, whether in house NT or web based ASP, are not cost-effective for small businesses. Today, companies exploit these services based on economies of scale because the initial investment costs are high. This can limit future growth because it is expensive to expand and continue to develop these systems.

A truly Superior Solution at a Low Cost

The philosophy behind open source systems is to provide a platform of collaboration and growth for the benefit of superior systems. Open source is the anti-proprietary software platform where many of the newest features and developments are free. There is a world-wide contingent of programmers and system engineers who continually add to Linux's capabilities and features for the greater good of technological growth.

The Linux server market shares keep growing worldwide. Such businesses as IBM, HP, Google, and Cisco take advantage of open source systems for unbeatable performance and cost benefits. Linux customization allows every business to deploy high technology servers at a low cost.

Linux systems are very detail oriented and flexible. Since Linux operating systems are complex and have many facets to what they offer, it takes time to master the environment. For a system developer to fully utilize these systems, the knowledge requirements are very demanding. This makes harnessing Linux as a tool harder for the average developer. At Archon LX we have been learning and administering these systems for 10+ years. We invested the time and gained the experience that allows us to offer a system that puts us ahead of the curve.  We currently use the RedHat Enterprise Linux® distribution as our server platform.

RedHat Enterprise Linux® is one of the biggest Linux distributors in the market.  A key to RedHat's success is the level of support they offer.  There is a huge worldwide knowledge base that assists clients in customizing their servers to fully utilize what this feature packed system can offer.  Archon was able to work with RedHat over the years to develop the superior solution that we have today.