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[ahr-kon] -noun Origin: 1650-60 . . . to be first

As a long time staffing professional, I've utilized most of the staffing software used throughout our industry.  When searching for the perfect system for my new company, I spoke with the sales staff for most of the major brands.  What I found was a tremendous amount of spin selling for what amounted to excess expense and no return on my dollar.  What I was looking for was access from anywhere, front and back office management, ease of use, easy installation, productive business management, free upgrades without having to be interrupted, and low cost to my day-to-day operations.  I didn't have to take out a loan to get started, it was simple and easy and the staff provided everything we needed in a expeditious and professional manner.
I found that in comparison, ALX Platinum allows me to manage my business with ease and opens up time for my staff to concentrate on what really matters to my business, generating new revenue.  It also gives me piece of mind that I own my data and no one can access my information with a touch of a button.  It took about 45 minutes to un pack and install my new system and everything was very easy to understand.  Once on line, it took about an hour to train my staff and they were quickly on their way to managing their operations.  They describe the system as extremely easy to use and understand and lightening fast.
I've been told by staff members that payroll that used to take them most of Monday and part of Tuesday to process is now complete by Monday afternoon.  This system provides everything you need for front and back office management in half the time and less than half the cost of most everything available.  Once you do your homework, you'll find the ALX Platinum choice to be a true "no-brainer".  This system will pay for itself in no time at all and will vastly improve your staff productivity, if you're like me, time is money and that means we can stay alive in these tough economic times.

Martin Ward
CSN Staffing, Inc.

'The system is user-friendly, easy to operate, and works perfectly for our business.  If there is an issue, John follows up immediately, and gives me patient, individual attention.  If we have questions or need any other information, John is quick to respond and resolve issues'.

                                                                                                                  Cindy with CS Staffing Service

'The MBS system works for us every day.  It's built specifically for ta Temp Staffing Service.  MBS supplies everything we need, including any extra requests we make.  Updates and changes heppen overnight, with little down-time, and any questions we have are answered immediately.  We have had no problmes with this system, and we love the personal service we get from John and his team!'

                                                                                                    Amanda with Future Force Temp Service