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[ahr-kon] -noun Origin: 1650-60 . . . to be first

The Online Time Card system is an automated back office solution for your temporary staffing firm.  For any personnel service looking to eliminate the cumbersome task of manual time card entry this is the perfect solution.  Employees and Temps enter time for any period and submit the time to their supervisors for approval.  Not only does this eliminate paper time cards and double entry, but also gives your clients a seamless one stop portal to approve all time cards with the click of a button.  Once time is approved by your clients, you can download the information directly into the Archon Platinum back office system and review payroll detail before you run checks.  It's just that easy.  Call for a demo today and run through the Online Time Card system.

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  1. Simplified system that accounts for everything you need and no extras to complicate the system.   
  2. Easy to use and intuitive which leaves little room for user entry errors.
  3. Although thorough, no sensitive employee or client data is exchanged over the internet.  Even though no sensitive data is exchanged, all user sessions are encrypted.

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Users are comprised of two groups which consist of employees entering time card detail and supervisors who approve time cards.

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Enter Time

The time entry system allows employees to enter time card detail for their current week of work.  You simply click on a date, add a start time, stop time, and any unpaid breaks; for example, the mandatory 15 minute break for every 4 hours of work should not be accounted for.  When you click the 'Add Time' button the system automatically starts tracking your accumulated hours and shows a weekly total.  Once you have entered all the time for a pay period you click the 'Submit to Supervisor' button and the time card detail is available for supervisors to approve.

Approve Time Cards

This system allow supervisors to review time card detail.  Supervisors can edit daily detail or approve the entire time card.  Once the information is approved it is ready to be exported to a file that the Archon Platinum system can import directly into Payroll Detail.

Import Detail

The Import Detail system is used by your employees to download the detail files to be imported into the Platinum system.  All information is tied to existing job orders so you simply import and review the detail then run checks.

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