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Thin Clients

Archon Thin Clients offer all the benefits of web based software with the control & performance of an in house server.  The benefits of the Archon solution match and exceed what any web based solution can offer. This is truly a revolution in business networking. See how Thin Clients can enhance your office environment today.

The Skinny on Archon Thin Clients

For all the benefits of web based based software, there are also many disadvantages.  Web applications simply cannot compete with progressive Archon Thin Client virtual networks. Below is an overview of the shared benefits, the extras you will ONLY get from Archon Thin Clients, and the disadvantages of web based software.

Shared Benefits

Cross Platform

Run on any system Windows, Mac, UNIX or Linux.

Low to no hardware costs

No costly hardware upgrades necessary.  Our super servers handle all information processing and storage.  

No network maintenance

Remote Administration allows an Archon technician to dial into your server for configuration and network maintenance.  

Centralized Upgrades

All files and programs are centralized on the super server minimizing maintenance and administration. Archon technicians can safely access your systems and perform the upgrades for you.  

Remote Access

Safe remote access that utilizes an Internet connection as a vehicle to your server, not the Internet as a web platform

Server Redundancy

Very easily convert a user desktop into a backup server or dial into Archons remote server. This allows you to minimize downtime and increase productivity.


Increased Performance

By localizing your files you aren't subject to changes in network speed associated with Internet based systems. Even with a remote system you still get the fastest Pay & Bill system available.  

Enhanced Security

A full featured system completely separated from Internet related tasks. Your employees can utilize all access Internet connectivity without ever exposing your software & critical business files.


Add users without worrying about bandwidth limitations. The more users you have sharing a DSL or Broadband connection will bog down Internet speed and performance. 

Lowest Cost Remote System

Archon utilizes the most progressive and secure open source operating system, RedHat Enterprise Linux®. Traditionally in house remote setup was not cost effective for small businesses. This was especially true for the Temp Industry because of cost of securing the sensitive information exchanged through daily transactions. Open source means your get tomorrows technology at a low cost.

Web Based Disadvantages

You Don't Own Your System, You Buy into Use

Service providers own and operate the application. If the direction that your supplier is going changes you have no control.

Limited Customization

Unless you are a large client there is no room for customization. You have to buy into the entire solution, not just the parts that apply to your organization.

Lack of Control

Changes in the market translate to changes in terms of service. If a supplier were to set a limit on users, raise prices, or offer less service you may be left with an unworkable solution or be dropped.

Security Disadvantage

There is no web based service that can guarantee there will never be a security breach. When you have web based software you are more susceptible to eavesdropping and Denial Of Service attacks.

Limitations in Software Integration

If you go with a web based system you have to integrate with specific applications. In many cases, not all your business software will be compatible this may add extra software costs.

The Best of Both Worlds

Archon Platinum is a software package can be deployed on any platform Windows, Mac, Linux or UNIX. Archon Thin Clients utilize a technology commonly called Remote Frame Buffering (RFB). This means that none of the Archon Platinum programs need to be installed on each user machine. RFB allows each user desktop access to a server.  Instead of processing taking place on your desktop through interface exchange, you have a high powered server that is custom configured to run all programs and process data.  The only data transmitted over your network connection, local or remote, are keystrokes from the user and changes in the server screen. Since you are not executing a graphical program, this reduces each desktop's hardware requirements. When there is no processing taking place over the network connection you get the fastest system with no taxing bandwidth requirements or hardware upgrades.

Virtual Networking

Virtual Network Thin Clients physically look and act very similar to web based programs, but are technically very different. Archon Thin Clients are more security and performance oriented. Each user has access to the programs and database information on the server, but there is no real interaction between the two machines. The only information transmitted is keystrokes entered by the user and graphical updates in the Server screen as you execute the programs.

Best of all with Archon Thin Clients you can keep your business network separate from daily Internet activity. You virtually have two desktops on the same machine that run independent of one another. Even if a user were to get a disabling virus from an email or surfing the web it would not affect any of the programs, database files, or other users in the network.  The Thin Client virtual network architecture is very different from our web based competitors who rely solely on your Internet connection.

Web Based = Hidden Costs & Performance Disadvantage

Web based programs require a high speed connection to run correctly. In this case, your office is at the mercy of your Internet connection speed. If you have high speed Internet at home, you have probably experienced varying speed based on what time of day you are on the Internet and the amount traffic there is. This is mainly because bandwidth that is advertised isn't reliably available. ISP's generally allow more subscribers than their backbone connection can capacitate. It's an aggregation strategy that assumes most users won't be using their connection capacity very frequently. In critical day to day operation, you cannot afford to have varied system performance. If you add enough users to one office, you might be subject to upgrading to a T1 connection which adds $250 or more to your monthly maintenance costs.

Regarding performance and reliability, there is simply no comparison between an in house network and a web based network. Hands down an in house network delivers the most productivity, scalability, and speed.  With web based software, aside from program execution taking place over an Internet connection, you are trusting all your information to a business that is running on an inherently insecure platform. You add a firewall and anti-virus software and that bogs down performance even more.

Our in office demo server is Thin Client based remote access server. We use a standard Comcast cable modem for our remote connection, and the performance is outstanding. Come experience an on-line demo today and see for yourself.