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[ahr-kon] -noun Origin: 1650-60 . . . to be first

Back Office

The heart of Archon Platinum is powerful back office performance. All back office features are completely automated. You will never enter information twice. With extensive auditing features you can ensure the information that you do enter is correct. At Archon LX we have always focused on your core business and never compromised system performance. Archon Platinum enables you to save time and run your business more efficiently. Double your volumes with the same number of employees.
One Click Payroll and Invoicing
Completely integrated front and back office software.  With one click all of your accounting data, history files, taxes, deductions, and discounts are automatically calculated from the master information you enter once.

Complete Accounting
Automation of all accounting processes- A/R, A/P, Journal Entry, Quarter & Year End Taxing / W2's, special State reporting, and Workers Comp liability reports with custom client modifiers. Enter information once and it is automatically updated in the appropriate general ledger accounts.
Comparative Reporting
Detailed sales, billing, and margin reports that help you track you track your profit and liability.  Run reports for a specified date range or do comparative reports on any date ranges (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly).

Automated Journal Entry
Print checks directly from the system and G/L is automatically updated.  This eliminates the need for handwritten checks and manual journal entry.  Journals and checks can be digitally archived which gives you access to all your history with the option of printing or viewing on screen.
A/R and A/P
Manage the flow of money in and out of your business through detailed reports and simple step-by-step processes.  Attach up to 10 expense accounts to any A/P transaction and write checks directly from your system while updating your G/L accounts simultaneously.  Both A/R and A/P report systems allow you enter any duration of time on your age reports- days, weeks, months, quarterly, yearly, etc.